Puppy Love

Lullaby to a Puppy

My feet are covered with sores and marks, My nerves are shattered from sudden barks

My wallet is empty from paying the vet, and those Rotties are eating me into debt.

I sit down to rest in my favourite chair, And quick as a flash, the Rotties are there

They haul at your shoes, and chew anything in sight, But act so damn hurt if you venture to gripe.


I rise in the morning, a new day to greet, To find a Rottweiler standing firm on my feet.

I trip over another as I’m combing my hair, while the puppy pulls hard at my new underwear.

My fresh cup of coffee is now on the rug, ‘Cause my old girl gave my arm a sweet playful tug,

I’d pour out another, but sure as can be, Another Rottie would just dump it all over me.


Believe me I say, it’s darn hard to write, While my hand is still hurting from that last playful bite.

The puppy is sneaking up on my lap, and the one at my feet is down for a nap.


So to hell with home life, as it used to be, and to hell with quite evenings with my family.

And to hell with the money, I’d spend it anyhow, Who needs all this,


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